Fredrik Sundqvist
Fredrik Sundqvist

The Goody-bag Battle
Sephora & MRM//McCann

All great premieres, comes with a goody-bag. So, of course we had one in mind for the opening of Sephora's first store in Stockholm. But, instead of us choosing the content. We staged, what is probably, the world's first goody-bag battle. It started with us asking seven of Sweden's leading fashion and trend bloggers to create their own goody-bags. The opening was broadcast in a live stream with red carpet interviews and tips from makeup artists.

During the four weeks of the campaign, Sephora had more than 14 000 unique visitors to the campaign site. Facebook fans increased with 20 % and 678 logged in to watch the VIP opening live. We could also see that the social conversation in social media around topics related to the campaign quickly rose during the campaign. A total of more than 370 000 consumers interacted with the campaign through social media. Either by liking it, or recommending it to others.

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