Fredrik Sundqvist
Fredrik Sundqvist
Data and Tech / Creative / Copywriter

The Banner Ad That Can See What You See

With a vast range of smart home products to showcase, contextual relevance is key. So, we created a banner campaign that adjusts its message to what the user is looking at.

The Suncell Guide

Sweden's biggest generator of electricity and producer of heat launches a new interactive tool which makes it easy for anyone to see what solar cell panels can do for their specific house. 

Emoji Turns Real

We teamed up with a technical provider – in cellular technology – and made it possible to donate through texting the tree emoji. For the first time ever – an emoji got a real value.

Ad written by A.I.

Would a robot be able to write an ad? Well, together with Visma Spcs, Sweden's most innovative account software company we decided to try. Now the ad written by artificial intelligence is live.

The Electric Bike-Banner

Next to the real-estate-ads on Hemnet we put a banner that used Google Maps in order to calculate and show you how quickly you could go from each house to city center using an electric bike.

Sephora Goody-bag Battle

Cosmetics customers expect free samples when a new store opens. But they never have a say about what’s in the bag. Not only did we give them say — we made it a competitive challenge.

Life Without Trees

To promote tree planting in eastern Africa, we decided to take away the trees from some of Swedens most beloved parks.